Our Story and Missions

The origin of Hello Broc

It all started with the desire to contribute to more responsible consumption by minimizing waste and integrating the various objects and furniture that can still be used in the appropriate distribution channels.



The project

It can be summed up in 3 major axes corresponding to distinct but complementary activities: empty house, donation of certain products to associations and resale of second-hand objects via the website.

  •  Empty house or apartment: depending on the quality and quantity of furniture and objects, clearing can be paid, free or will be paid. You can inquire here or contact us at info@hellobroc.com.
  • Associative donations: any product still in working order and not intended for resale in flea markets will be donated. Discover the various associations with which we regularly work by clicking here.
  • Sale on the website: furniture, decorative objects, dishes, etc... To discover our selection, it's here.


Our Values

The environmental and ecological aspect is one of the main leitmotifs: the purchase and use of second-hand goods is a significant obstacle to overconsumption and the massive production of household waste.

Moreover, an additional disaster for the environment is looming with the development of an offer of new products “aged” by chemical actions.

Reintegrating an offer of quality products that already exist therefore remains a strong response to these threats.

Also, the integration of some of the objects and furniture in an associative circuit contributes to indirectly providing financial assistance to these associations via the fruit of their resale.

And buyers can find second-hand objects and furniture at very affordable prices.

These two areas (environment and social) sum up Hello Broc's approach to its activities.



The people

SMPCD, of which Hello Broc is the brand, is a SARL majority owned by Sophie. Other minority partners, Anne and Octave, joined the project to bring their visions and ideas. They are very important for SMPCD because emulation and exchanges remain a driving force in the project.

Sophie had already launched an e-commerce site in Montreal (Canada) on which she sold eco-responsible products. By settling in Toulouse, she very quickly wanted to repeat her experience by adding a new challenge, a physical store with a different offer: antique furniture selected for a very decorative universe. An association was born followed by a separation.

This time, she goes further and in addition to a range of products that includes flea markets and antiques, she puts back into the associative circuit all the other objects and furniture that deserve at least another life before ending up in the dumpster.


Want to know more ? Do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@hellobroc.com or info@hellobroc.com and also by phone at (+33) 7 69 35 68 61.