Usefull tips to declutter

Reducing waste is possible!


Here is a short summary of a few avenues to explore for a more eco-responsible approach when sorting out your home.


Do you have many books? Do not hesitate to give them to Recyclivre who could come to your house to pick them up. And in addition, 10% of the proceeds are donated to associations and action programs to fight against illiteracy.

Not in France ? Google for a local association that could do the same. 


For clothes and household linen, you don't want to deal with it and are looking for a simple solution? Easy with the deposit in Relais terminals. Attention, the donation must be made under certain conditions described on the website.

Another possibility is to find a drop-off point by geolocating on the Refashion site or another local non-profit.


Bulky items pass through Toulouse under certain conditions and on simple call. Find related information by clicking here.


If you want to go to the recycling center, you can find all the useful information such as addresses, times and conditions relating to the management of your waste. Discover the interactive map.


Do not hesitate to share your good veins to sort without wasting by writing to us at