Apartment and house clearance service


We come to assess the volume of objects and furniture to be cleared.

In the event of unsanitary conditions, we can recommend specialized professionals with whom we have partnerships.

A clear estimate will be sent to you as soon as possible after the visit and/or upon receipt of a certain amount of information.

We try as much as possible to get rid of it free of charge or as low as possible. It depends on many factors including the degree of difficulty of the place to be emptied, the quantity that will go to the recycling center, the volume, the resale potential of objects and furniture, etc. In rare cases, we could offer you some money.



Service pricing

It is designed as accurately as possible for you and takes into account travel, waste collection costs, sorting hours, site clearing, etc.

You will find all this detailed information on the quote, so do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact us by email by clicking here, by writing to us at info@hellobroc.com or by calling (+33) 07 69 35 68 61.




Everything will be cleared and emptied within the time limit (discussed beforehand). Furniture and objects will integrate consumption circuits as much as possible (donations, resale, etc.) and will thus avoid unnecessary disposal.